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Success Stories

"[I have] mental clarity! Also, I believe that my perfect thyroid function post removal of the left half of my thyroid is due to the amazing alignment of my spine, especially my cervical spine (neck). This allowed my body to heal at its greatest potential. I feel Dr. Ronco is very talented and gifted at what he does. He is thorough and goes the extra mile for his patients. He truly cares and has greatly helped me. [I have learned] the importance of wellness... not to wait until the body malfunctions to fix it, but to use chiropractic care for prevention!"

-Lisa L., Intensive Care Nurse, Patient of Dr. Ronco

How I felt BEFORE I started seeing Dr. Ronco:

"[I had] chronic ncek pain and bilateral arm numbness."

..... and AFTER I started seeing Dr. Ronco regularly:

"In 5 short months, Dr. Ronco healed my chronic neck pain and restored feeling and circulation to my arms and hands. Also, I was able to cancel ACDF (neck) surgery for which I was approved and ready to be scheduled. Within the first week of Dr. Ronco's treatments, my energy level increased noticeably... In the last few months, not only have my symptoms resolved; I have resumed an active lifestyle playing sports, my allergies are gone and my memory has improved. Dr. Ronco is passionate about healing others! He understands chronic pain first hand so he instantly relates to his patients. He listens well and explains thoroughly with relevant analogies. His practice integrates the whole family with an emphasis on holistic healing for each patient. Dr. Ronco's traditional use of spinal adjustments, combined with his insightful knowledge and experience, are unmatched!"

- Dawn H., Patient of Dr. Ronco

How I felt BEFORE I started seeing Dr. Ronco:

"I had lower back, shoulders and nech problems and suffered with chronic headaches for 30 years. I had to take a daily medication and couldn't sleep on my back."

..... and AFTER I started seeing Dr. Ronco regularly:

"I don't have any more headaches and I'm off the medication (which took a month to get off the medications due to withdrawl). My headaches subsided after only three visits and I'm now able to sleep on my side -- which its been 20 years since I've been able to do that."

- Robin B., Patient of Dr. Ronco

How I felt BEFORE I started seeing Dr. Ronco:

"I suffered from headaches from an old sports injury and high blood pressure."

..... and AFTER I started seeing Dr. Ronco regularly:

"My headaches disappeared and I regained full function in my injured arm and wrist. It is truly remarkable that with continued health-maintaining treatments over several months, I have regained a healthy weight and my blood pressure has stabilized. My improved health has given me greater vitality, a perfect attendance record at work this year and the energy to maintain a busy work and athletic schedule. Thank you, Dr. Ronco."

-Carol N., M.D., Patient of Dr. Ronco

“Dr. Ronco cares about his patients' whole body health. He is always interested to hear what is happening in your life so as to better plan his adjustment strategy. He is a doctor of integrity; he is kind and very gentle. My personal results have been phenomenal!”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

-Ann M., Patient of Dr. Ronco 

“Steve knows his stuff. I have been a proponent of natropathic medicine for many years, I have an appreciation of guys or girls who know their field and are great practitioners.

Highly recommend anyone to Steve for anything chiropractic, which means a lot more than just a sore back. He has helped my wife with her allergies, and I feel way more energetic after an adjustment.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

-Tim J., Patient of Dr. Ronco

“Dr. Steve is a very hard working and sharp business man. I have worked with him as a patient of his as well as partnering with him at various running specialty stores I have worked at. When doing business with him he always takes me customers health first. I would recommend Dr. Steve for business but also for my personal chiropractic needs.”

-Lauren W., Assistant Manager, Running Center, Patient of Dr. Ronco

“Dr. Ronco is great. I came to him after tweaking my back and could not turn my next side to side. He fixed me up to new in short order. He always fits us in on short notice and fixes our specific injuries/ pains if we have any. He keeps us feeling good!”

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

-Janna J., Patient of Dr. Ronco 

"Excellent physician! Great staff, professional, courteous, and best of all, they actually care about the patient and their well being. Truly a blessing to have come across such dedicated individuals and class act organization.”

-Eric S., Patient of Dr. Ronco

KST (Koren Specific Technique) Testimonials

You might be asking... what is KST and how does it work!?

If a body part is out of alignment, even slightly, the body will give 'binary neurological feedback' to the practitioner. Dr. Ronco can place his hands on the base of your skull, (this is the Occipital Bone). When the body part is challenged, i.e. moved ever so slightly if there is a problem the occipital bone will drop slightly to the left. This is known as the Occipital Drop, (OD). The body part is then adjusted using the Arthrostim. This instrument very gently corrects the misalignment. It is so gentle that children and babies can be adjusted this way with no trauma or upset.

Here's what Dr. Ronco's patients have to say about their experiences with KST at Torrey Hills Chiropractic!

"I was having problems with being really dizzy when sitting up from lying down. After Dr. Ronco used the KST technique on me, I didn't have any more dizziness." - Perry C.. Patient of Dr. Ronco

"I can breathe. I am able to focus. I am able to walk without pain. I can sleep comfortably throughout the night." - Christianne C., Patient of Dr. Ronco

"The third time I had KST, I cried briefly in a good way." - Jordy T., Patient of Dr. Ronco

"I love how after KST, I have moments of enlightenment where my body feels whole, at rest and.... comfy again." - Natalie C., Patient of Dr. Ronco

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